AUDIO: Car Seat Headrest – “Hollywood”

car seat headrest
car seat headrest

For a while now, Car Seat Headrest have been one of the top indie rock groups. It seems though that the group is aiming to make a big leap into alt-rock, at least if their new song is an indication of what’s to come.

The group shared “Hollywood” on Thursday, a song that harkens back to alt’s ’90s glory days. It’s a no-nonsense tune that features familiar heavy riffs, a big hook and heavy grooves.

“This song is about Hollywood as a place where people go to make their fantasies come to life, and they end up exploiting other people and doing terrible things to maintain their fantasy,” bandleader Will Toledo, whose alter ego Trait appears in the video in animated form, said in a statement. “There’s this terror you’re going to lose the fantasy, and you’re going to have to face the facts, and some people will do anything to avoid facing that. It’s about that fear, and the pain of being subjugated to someone else’s fantasy against your will, and it’s all tied together under this banner of this physical location of Hollywood that we all know about and dream about, but none of us really want to think about what is going on behind the scenes there.”

Also according to a release, the album took the band four years to make. So far, so good.

Car Seat Headrest’s Making a Door Less Open is out on May 1 via Matador. Watch the video for the song below:

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