AUDIO: Juice WRLD – Righteous

Juice WRLD – Righteous (Official Video)


I still can’t believe this is real… I’ve never found a artist like Juice where I could constantly listen to them daily and always look forward to new releases. The thought of the day the last Juice song will be released scares me.. Go check out the song Lauryn Hill by him if you’ve never heard it, you’ll be amazed. 999

How many real ones heard this song 9 months ago on his ig story? Was called too deep but they had to change the title :/

Juice WRLD did his time on this world now it time for him to do to the next WRLD, he saved the rest of the emo rap WRLD

All the people who dissliked this video don‘t have a good soul. R.I.P Juice Wrld and 999 forever ❤️🙏🥺🌎😭

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