AUDIO: Music Fellas – Ella

Music Fellas champion this effort by aptly titling it “Ella”. Arriving just in time and at the heels of the last campaign “BomberMan (Ekasi BassPlay)”

Music Fellas cannot simply be ignored, in the raving battle between the various sub-genres of Mzansi music. In fact, their entries have added to the now vast and robust collections of such savory sounds, being placed on loop by fans.

Their journey began with “Se’shkona”, a number that saw them through the first phase of recognition before they crossed over to the next hurdle of satisfying fans and critics in “Bana Ba Motho”.“Bamoshekile” also stood a chance against worthy competitors and all to the greater gain of the group.

“Hackers (Angry Bass Mix)” increased the value of their as they also tried their hands on “Voltage”. “Sondela“, took us by surprise, as we least expected the entry in such dope magnitude.

“Ella” is the just jam for the ore weekend mood, coming off the stables of this group, who have remained relentless in their efforts.

Simply stream and download. Do share your comments as well in the section below.


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