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Thurston Moore
Thurston Moore

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Thurston Moore released a new song today to encourage American voters to vote. “May Daze” is a hazy political track recorded with producer Paul Epworth at the Church in London and his Thurston Moore Group bandmates — former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, My Bloody Valentine bassist Deb Googe and guitarist James Sedwards.

“A soundtrack for our usa sisters + brothers to register as voters today, if you still need to – we can change the world – free all political prisoners – insurrection for common decency – rock n roll consciousness – more to come,” Moore wrote on Bandcamp.

Listen to “May Daze” below.

Last month, Moore uploaded a previously unreleased track from Thurston Moore Group called “Instant Transcendent Conjecture,” and his former Sonic Youth bandmate Lee Ranaldo uploaded three rare releases to Bandcamp.

In March, Sonic Youth put up 12 archived releases on Bandcamp. Ranaldo recently spoke with SPIN about the archival project. “We have a couple of engineers and archivist people that we work with. But we’re still all interested in it, we’ve been maintaining a massive archive that continues to grow,” he said. “Steve Shelley has been really active in it, and the rest of us a little bit less so, but I’ve been pretty active in helping put together the last bunch of packages that come out. In this case, this guy from Russia just said: ‘Hey, I’ve got this tape of the show’ that we had never heard before, and he wanted to put it out.”

“We kind of batted the idea back and forth of whether we wanted to go that route, and in the end, we gave him our blessings to do it,” he continued. “We’re working on an archival project around Sister right now, which is a massive thing we’ve been working on for a while. And two or three other things as well, something around NYC Ghosts & Flowers, and something around a particular concert we did at the Pompidou Center in Paris with Brigitte Fontaine and Areski [Belkacem] that we’ve been trying to cut the legal tape on and release for like a decade.”

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