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Freddie Gibbs Ft. ScHoolboy Q, Welcome to our lovely website, we are glad to have you back.
Listen to this brand new project titled Gang Signs from this fantastic artist Freddie Gibbs Ft. ScHoolboy Q that releases wonderful songs such as Gang Signs to keep the fans moving for-ward and the body moving.
Little Lyrics Below!
[Intro: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah, uh, a-nigga, yeah-yeah
I’ve been ridin’ in the Dor with the dope shit
Ridin’ in the Volvo with the dope shit
Yeah-yeah (Yeah, yeah) Volvo with the dope shit (Yeah)

[Chorus: Freddie Gibbs]
Every day I need a dope flip
I was on some broke shit, a nigga was a po’ pimp, do or die
Nigga play me on some mo’ shit
A nigga might as well killed his motherfuckin’ self, that’s a suicide
Got a Draco, let it rip, nigga hopped up quick
So I had to double back, hit him two times
I ain’t new to this shit, bitch, I’m true to this shit
And every mornin’, I wake up and throw a gang sign

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah, I just wanna be legit
Fuck a bad Insta bitch, Bunny Rabbit off the rip
Bunny Rabbit wrist is lit, ‘Mighty-‘Mighty know it’s lit
All is well in this bitch
Hundred shells in this bitch, fifty shells in this bitch
Never tell in this bitch, fuck 12, suck a dick, fuck 12, suck a dick
Cutlass, all talk with the top off
Hit Diego, he gon’ hit me with the drop-off
Tryna floss in the town, get you knocked off

This banger Gang Signs is here for free downloading and streaming.

Download Gang Signs And Enjoy Below.

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