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Lil Mosey, Welcome to our lovely website, we are glad to have you back.
Listen to this brand new project titled Enough from this fantastic artist Lil Mosey that releases wonderful songs such as Enough to keep the fans moving for-ward and the body moving.

Song: Enough

Artist:  Lil Mosey

Year Released: 2021

Little Lyrics Below!

Ayy, Benjamin, he got Benjamins

[Verse 1]
Show me (Show me) what you made of
I know she finna ride, why you hate us?
Thinkin’ it’s better you not famous (Uh)
Nobody speak our language (Nobody speak our language)
Rolls-Royce slidin’ (Slidin’), love when I see you smilin’ (Smilin’)
Just know it’s gon’ be alright, then (Uh)
Like, whose business they mindin’? (Oh)
I’m like, I’m like, “What you wanna do?” (I’m like)
Let’s set the mood (The mood), worry ’bout who (Oh)
Don’t matter who (Yeah), ’cause I rock wit’ you (Wit’ you)
Don’t need their love (No), I just feel your love (Your love)
I just need your trust
Baby, when you do that, you know it’s not enough (Not enough)
Finna bring you back up (Back up), I can’t get enough (Get enough, mmm)
Yeah, I can’t get enough (Get enough, oh-oh-oh, mmm)

This banger Enough is here for free downloading and streaming.

Download Enough And Enjoy Below.

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