Mavin Records – Your Love Dey Overdose Me

Mavin Records – Your Love Dey Overdose Me

Nigeria’s biggest record label, Mavin Records has come out with a brand new studio number named, “Your Love Dey Overdose Me.”

The younger inflow of Mavin Records artists, LadiPoe, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Magixx, and Boy Spyce, collaborated on their current record. While Ozedikus Nwanne assisted in co-producing the instrumentation of the tune “Your Love Dey Overdose Me,” London had an excellent music production experience. The rhythm, on the other hand, is the second song from their upcoming collaboration album, which we will hear about shortly.

However, in a few weeks, Mavin Records will announce the specifics of their joint project, which will feature all of the label’s musicians. Learn more about the new album. Just days after Mavin Records marks its tenth anniversary, the single “Your Love Dey Overdose Me” is issued.

Envision a collaboration with Ayra Starr, Boy Spyce, Crayon, Magixx, and LadiPoe, where they each contributed their special components to the studio feast, inspired by their employer Don Jazzy.

Furthermore, the Mavin Records cooperation has generated a number of successful songs in Africa, with “Dorobucci” and “Adaobi” still resonating throughout our heads.

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