Nadia Nakai laments over deleted “40 Bars” visuals on YouTube

Nadia Nakai was so high about the release of 40 Bars music video featuring Emtee and DJ Capital, not knowing she had hackers on her tail.

Few hours after the video was premiered on YouTube yesterday, Wednesday, the rapper realised that the video was no where to be found on YouTube.

The video had received sizzling reviews and it got so hyped by fans, even the number of views were amazing.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Bragga says her YouTube account was hacked and the video deleted.

She plead with her fans to help return the number of views. Based on latest update, her fans named, “Bragga Brigade” are already doing the magic to the lost views.

“Apparently someone did hack my YouTube account to JUST delete 40 Bars!? Like wow. I think the amount of views and how they were growing had people stressed!” the rapper revealed.

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