Pentatonix – ‘Butter’ & ‘Dynamite’ (BTS Cover)

Pentatonix "Butter x Dynamite"

Pentatonix "Butter x Dynamite"

Watch Pentatonix Cover BTS’ ‘Butter’ & ‘Dynamite’ for Eye-Popping Mash-Up

Pentatonix prove they’re smooth like “Butter” by whipping up a mash-up of two Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hits from BTS.

Cutting into the group’s rendition of Jung Kook’s hook on “Dynamite,” Scott Hoying slides in like a “criminal undercover” with the first verse of “Butter.” The a cappella group’s colorful jackets and suspended newspaper props had a more serious air once the video turned black-and-white, like the official “Butter” music video. But don’t get it twisted: Hoying led the group into a groove that was anything but serious.

Eventually Matt Sallee and Mitch Grassi took the lead when the two got back into Pentatonix’s technicolor “Dynamite” performance before switching back to black-and-white with the group’s airy “Dyn-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy” harmonies smoothly flowing into “Get it, let it roll!”

In late July, Pentatonix asked their Twitter fans in a poll which BTS song they should cover between “Butter” and “Dynamite,” and even though the former single took the lead, the quintet decided why not just go for both? And hey, it worked.

Watch Pentatonix’s cover of “Butter” and “Dynamite” below.

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