Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds Ft. Juicy J

Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds Ft. Juicy J MP3 DOWNLOAD

Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds Ft. Juicy J. Top Serial hit maker Wiz Khalifa came true with this mega hit jam track tagged Blindfolds featuring Juicy J to light up our playlist. The Song has a good vibe and replay quality.

(feat. Juicy J)

Real trippy niggas
La musica de Harry 

Hippy niggas
Uh nigga my mom blow that kinda cash nigga what you talkin bout
Pop bottles and shit
Groceries fool

Uh you know I kill
Any motherfucking song that I go on
And I don’t gotta count the money that I spend
‘Cause I get it in
My bread so long, my bank big nigga roll on
My brain fried nigga so long
I hate fake niggas and so on
Take all the money that I made
The sharing be out the reason that you’re waiting
Plus I smoke the bombest weed I call it Californication
A island for vacation I’m callin all this cake
A hundred thousand for the safe
Just baught a pound and I’m a face it
Now watch me you niggas see my pieces tryn copy
My rollie presidential plus the rings that I got on
By versace and I ain’t even cocky
I’m just confident that I’m the shit
You hatin mother fuckers know what time it is

Download the Song Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds Ft. Juicy J MP3 FREE

DOWNLOAD MP3: Wiz Khalifa – Blindfolds Ft. Juicy J

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