Prince Kaybee Ft. Pauline Wendo (Coming Soon)

Prince Kaybee decides to open the industry for a young lady from Kenya named, Pauline Wendo.

The South African music producer reminded fans of sharing a video of a beat he made.

After that, the Kenyan dropped her beautiful vocals on it and Kaybee saw her video.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ shared her video and said they will work on the song together.

“A month ago I uploaded a video making a beat, today a Kenyan lady uploaded the same beat but with her vocals on. I’M BLOWN AWAY, she just bagged a feature with me. Lets fly her up.”

Prince Kaybee has been more intentional on opening the industry for talented music artists, as he dropped a project featuring 10 female vocalists, and he gave his lsptop to a guy in other to help him on music production.

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