SCREENSHOTS: Dirty Chats From Jalang’o’s Boys Club WhatsApp Group Exposed

Loyal followers of Nairobi-based Swahili urban radio Milele FM couldn’t help but notice the absence of popular radio presenter Felix Odiwuor’s alias “Jalang’o” from the station’s Tuesday morning breakfast show where only his co-host Alex Mwakideu turned up.

This is believed to be as a result of the latest twist in his long-running beef with fan-favorite YouTuber Edgar Obare who on Monday evening fired fresh shots at the comedian and leaked damning screenshots from a “Boys Club” WhatsApp group where Jalang’o and his friends engage in nasty conversations about women, some of whom they unashamedly confess to sharing.

In the screengrabs posted by Edgar Obare, members of the group, proudly share photos of random Nairobi ladies whom they brag to have already slept with or intend to lure to bed.The controversial "Boys Club" group created by Jalang'o

The controversial “Boys Club” WhatsApp group created by Jalang’o. It’s believed that the boys have rented out a number of apartments in Nairobi where they take their “Mpango wa Kandos” to have a good time, drink booze, and dance the night away.

In one of the screenshots, a guy named Sam Young texts the boys that he has booked a room at a city hotel where he and a group of girls would spend the entire day.

Curious group members then ask that he sends some photos or videos of the girls to “warm them up”.

Sam Young responds with a selfie of him and one of the girls, captioned “Breakfast is being prepared…”

In another of the many chats, Jalang’o’s friend named “Simplest Bob” ranks all the members of the squad according to their latest body count based on the “evidence” submitted ( in this case either pictures or videos for proof).

Unsurprisingly, topping the list was none other than the grass to grace media personality who married his second wife Amina Chao in a private traditional wedding back in 2019.

In another message, Jalang’o shares the picture of a curvaceous beauty and asks his friends they recognize her.

“How can we not? She wanted to sleep with you…” one of them affirmatively responded in Dholuo.

Jalang’o’s side of the story…

Responding to the damning reports through a tabloid, Jalang’o asserted that he was fine and doing well but chose to address Obare directly without delving into details of the alleged group.

“There’s no problem. Let him (Edgar Obare) keep doing what he is doing,” he stated.

In the past, Jalang’o has been quoted stating that he suspects there is a hidden hand behind Obare’s pieces which he claimed are aimed at tarnishing his name and reputation.

Their rocky relationship with Obare began late last year when Obare published a story exposing the father of two for his adulterous ways.

Blogger Edgar Obare and Radio Presenter Jalang’o

Back then, the YouTuber revealed that Jalang’o had not only one, but two side chicks.

He additionally claimed that the former Churchill show comedian loved to go on road trips, parties, and dates with the said ladies.

In February Obare claimed that he feared for his life after receiving threatening calls from the presenter following the expose.

The presenter, however, dismissed the claims as he maintained that he was focused on his work and family, insisting that the allegations would not blur his focus.

“A blogger wakes up and posts that I called him and threatened him? That he meets me at DCI? I just laugh! From his screenshots, there is someone working really hard to try and tarnish my name. I will not even bother asking or following who you are who talks to bloggers and lies to them about me, just malice! pure malice! I have a lot on my plate to even bother with you and if you are honest about being threatened you don’t post, you report,” he responded at the time.

Days later, Edgar Obare was forced to pull down videos from his YouTube channel; highlighting Jalang’o, Terence Creative, and Jackie Matubia’s infidelity in their relationships.

Kenyans on social media have expressed disappointment in the Boys Club and married men at large who go around cheating on their wives.

Have a look at some of their reactions as well as some of the rest of the screenshots HERE

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