Shock As Corpse Disappears From Grave (PHOTO)

Corpse disappears from grave

Over the weekend, residents of Bamba in Kilifi County were shocked after the body of a man mysteriously disappeared from the grave a day after his burial.

According to reports reaching Uhondo News, the man passed away after complaining of chest complications. The widow told our reporters that she got the shock of her life when she learnt that her late husband’s grave had been meddled with and that his body had vanished.


The village elder confirmed the incident

We are shocked and at a loss for words as a community because we have never seen such an incident in our community. As per our tradition, we went to check the grave of our late fellow villager but we were shocked after we saw that his grave was tampered with. Upon further checking we discovered that his body was not there; the coffin was empty,”  he said.

The village elder suspects one scenario could be at play, witchcraft.

There is a possibility that some witches could have come during the dead of the night and taken his body,” he added.

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