David Ndii and Donald Kipkorir Involved In Online Scuffle

LEFT: Kenyan econimist David Ndii… RIGHT: Flamboyant city lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir | The two were involved in a “tweef” on Monday 

Over the past two weeks, Kenya’s Health Ministry headed by Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has been struggling to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Statistics released at Afya House on Monday showed that eight more people had tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the tally of confirmed cases to 50, the Health Ministry has said.

Of the eight positive cases, one was a guest under mandatory quarantine, six others were close contacts of the 42 cases reported yesterday and the other from The Aga Khan Hospital.

Since the pandemic hit Kenyan soil, many political opinionists on social media have been left no option but have to commentate and banter over the virus which has so far threatened to bring the nation to a total standstill.

This evening, renowned Kenyan economist David Ndii and city lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir got into a scuffle on Twitter after the former National Super Alliance (NASA) strategist mocked the flamboyant legal practitioner’s analysis of how various foreign nations have injected funds into their economies to help top the spread of the virus.

In his post, Kipkorir alleged that the only way the countries he mentioned had made the humongous donations possible was through printing excess money.

Quoting the tweet, Ndii told his followers that Kipkorir had used “wash wash economics” when forming his argument, adding that his remarks should simply be ignored.

This is wash wash economics. Ignore https://t.co/uZo8eV2Lsi

— David Ndii (@DavidNdii) March 30, 2020

In his response, Kipkorir cried out to his followers, going on to advise Ndii that instead of quickly dismissing his views, he should first read John Maynard Keynes’ book, “The General Theory of Employment, Interest & Money”.

Under the replies section, one Kenyan challenged Ndii to a written economics examination to prove his self-declared prowess in the field.

Further flexing his muscles, the Oxford University graduate declined the request, explaining that it would not be possible since he has already taught economics up to PHD level, and, therefore very few people have the capacity to examine him.

I have taught economics up to PhD level. Who will examine me?

— David Ndii (@DavidNdii) March 30, 2020

Joining in the conversation, other friends and followers of Kipkorir advised him against engaging Ndii on matters economics since his understanding of the subject is too deep; to which he humbly conceded, adding that he was ready to be corrected and learn a few things or two from the “guru” famed for his prowess in crafting manifestos.

AA, I have never said I know more economics than the good Professor … I will never …. But I know sufficient enough to stand my ground & ready to be subjected to enlightenment that I misapprehended when reading it. In life, we stand to be corrected. & to learn.

— Donald B Kipkorir (@DonaldBKipkorir) March 30, 2020

Let Don know that it will take him a thousand years to get close to Ndii’s level of expertise. He should sit down and tell us about ‘he who comes to equity’ maxims and the likes.

— S I D N E Y ® (@cksidney) March 30, 2020

Don is trying to be an expert in everything.. Bure kabisa

— Cornelius Koech Johnson (@Kipkeny_Johnson) March 30, 2020

This Don could be a fake… the only country on earth with the luxury of printing money is the US of A! If we do it, we’re doomed! We’d have printed money to build the SGR. Is DBK even a lawyer! Should be investigated. SMH

— Wilson Khimario (@wilkhim) March 30, 2020

What is wrong with you Kenyans? Engage him Don, question him. Even Adam Smith is questioned. That’s how intellect works. Ofcourse I’m not equating Ndii to smith…but question the guy.

— MamaBora (@NjeriThorne) March 30, 2020

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