El Shaddai (H_art ft Cedo) – Redfourth Chorus x Upper Hill School Choir x Flo (Cover)


Redfourth Chorus turns four years old in April and we have every reason to call God our El Shaddai. We have had a magical journey filled with abundant grace. We have performed at the greatest stages and worked with some of the greatest names in music. We have our failures and challenges but we have learnt from them. This song captures our gratitude to God for our past, present and future. We recorded the song the week that the 1st case of #Covid19 in Kenya was confirmed. We haven’t had joint rehearsal or meetings since. The fellowship and gatherings that we took for granted are now a part of us that we dearly miss. We use this song to also bring hope to all who are discouraged and feel they are losing so much. Let us not forget to bring our cares and burdens to God. He is still in control and will see us through. It was a joy to bring together the chorus and the pioneers of #RedfourthChorus#UpperHillSchollChoir. Flo Mutia who was part of our coming out cover, was also gracious to join us. We were also introduced to ‘Raygee’ aka Georgee before he went viral singing in the streets. This was his first day in a studio. We are glad we crossed paths and wish him all the best in his new found stardom. We are grateful to @H_art the band and @Cedo for composing a classic song that is not only powerful but also relevant at this trying time for the whole globe. May this cover which is part of the #ElShaddaiChallenge inspire and encourage you. Arranged by Philip ‘Filah’ Tuju Lead Vocals by Filah Tuju, Flo, Beth Wanini Chorus Vocals by Redfourth Chorus Nairobi, Upper Hill School Choir (Redfourth Rookies), Raygee, Adapted Vocals by H_art the Band Instrumental by Cedo Mixed by Filah Tuju at Four Red Music Studios Video Filmed at Redfourth Academy of Music, Runda and South B campuses Social distancing rules had not been effected at time of this Audio Visual recording Copyright remains with H_art The Band


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