In a smoothly lit room, just right inside the Swangz Avenue premises, several celebrities including Winnie Nwagi and Vinka enjoyed the soothing sounds of Azawi as she premiered her ‘LO FIT’ EP on Thursday evening.

I look through my archives and I do not know so many Ugandan artistes that have made their intentions known from day one like Swangz Avenue has done for Priscilla Zawedde a.k.a Azawi.

From her very first song titled ‘Quinamino’, it has been an open secret that Azawi won the hearts of her managers and they are entrusting her with the faith that she can go on to become a top gem in Uganda’s dynamic music industry.

Azawi personally is not a new figure in the industry having written and performed in a band setting before. It should however be noted that ‘Quinamino’ is her very first release as a professional artiste since signing for Swangz on 1st November 2019.

With a small crowd filled with fellow established artiste, her own management, and a pack of journalists – some of whom are acclaimed critics of Ugandan music – Azawi put up a good acoustic performance of the five songs off the ‘LO FIT’ EP that is to be officially released to the public today (28th February 2020).

The ‘LO FIT’ EP has songs like;

  1. Quinamino
  2. Lo Fit
  3. Crazy Lover
  4. Repeat It
  5. Mbinyumirwa

Azawi’s versatility is felt on this EP as she twists through a couple of genres to give you different sides of her art. She says that she is not inclined to a particular genre and music, for her, comes a vibe.

When I’m creating my music, I don’t care about the genre. It goes with the vibe. Music is an expression and I am versatile.


The songs on the EP were written by Azawi herself and produced by the legendary Kuseim at Fresh Records. Crazy Lover was produced by Twisky LuoBoy.

Azawi has lots of praise for Kuseim whom she regards as her godfather in music because he discovered her raw talent and has managed to develop it overtime.

If it wasn’t for Kuseim, I do not know if I would have made it to this level. He has believed in me from day one and I thank him for that.


It was good to see Winnie Nwagi and Vinka present at the premiere and they happily joined Azawi in performance whenever she called upon them. That was a good gesture following the past rumors that her introduction on the Swangz team could fluff the feathers of the old guns.

Azawi is upon us and the earlier we embraced her, the better for the industry and our own ears because she is a natural talent and such a lovable character.

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