Popular Tanzanian Singer Trashes Harmonize’s Music Label And Announces Plans To Start His Own

If you aren’t familiar with Marioo, you’re missing out. He was once considered to be a one-hit-wonder but suffice to say, he’s proved naysayers wrong.

Ever since the singer released his debut song, Dar Kugumu, he has propelled into an iconic figure in Bongo’s music industry. Songs like Raha helped bring his career to new heights but within the past year, he’s solidified his position in East Africa’s music industry.

Marioo has teamed up with Aslay, Kenya’s Nadia Mukami, and others as his songs have left a generally good impression on first-time listeners.

Having spent the majority of his career as an independent artist, the Aya hitmaker clearly understands that there are some differences in joining music labels.

In an interview, he revealed that he had no plans of joining his Tanzanian counterpart Harmonize’s record label  Konde Music World Wide before announcing his intention to create his own.

Hakujawahi kuwa na mpango huo ila mimi na Harmonize tuna mahusiano mazuri sana, ni ndugu yangu tunashirikiana. Sina mpango kwa kusajiliwa Konde Gang wala label nyingine, nina mipango yangu na kuna vijana wananiangalia mimi,” he said .

His sentiments come a day after two of Ali Kiba signees Cheed and Killy announced their departure from his record label Kings Music Records.

Salute to Marioo for this one. It’s inspirational to see a young artist hustle and originate his way to the top.

Go listen to his new track ;

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