Tanasha Donna flouts curfew rules drives at night goes to party (Photos)

Kenya is currently on a dusk till dawn curfew. This was put in place to arrest the spread of the coronavirus.

Then government of Kenya instituted a daily curfew from 7pm to 5am.

This stops people from congregating and further spreading the respiratory virus.

Yesterday night, Tanasha made an appearance at a live streaming of a party for a local businessman who goes by the street moniker Matiba a.k. Mr Odyssey.

Tanasha took to her Instagram page and posted a video of her driving at night heading to the party destination.

She posted the video at 8pm on her Instagram stories.

She captioned the video,


From the video, darkness had already set in, meaning the curfew was already in motion.

Check out the screenshot of the video.

Later she posted the set up of the live video shoot where the party would take place.

Videos from the party show that social distancing was not observed and the set had over 5 people in an enclosed house.

While they had masks on, they did not wear them the entire time.

Some of the guests had the masks pulled to their chins. Actually all the guests at one time did not have masks on.

Here are photos from the house party that was streamed live on Instagram.

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