This is why the viral foursome video was leaked

Kenyans on Twitter woke up to an explicit video that has since gone viral.

In the video, a woman who is known on social media as the Kenyan Ssenga is filmed performing various sexual acts with unidentified  three men.

The leaked foursome also captures the faces of the different participants and a  table littered with different types alcohol meaning that the sexual encounter was done while under the influence.

The woman is said to be married and her social media profile indicates that she throws sex parties. Her husband is said to be okay with her ‘career’ choices.

Now according to Kenyan Ssenga through the ‘tea master’  Edgar Obare’s insta-stories, the leakage of the video was as a result of a blackmail went wrong.

She revealed that one of the guys in the video threatened to release the video on social media if he didn’t receive a total amount of Kshs 210,000. Ssenga did not comply, therefore the leakage.

In a recent message on her insta-story following the viral video, Ssenga is allegedly parting ways with her husband pending divorce so that she can do whatever she wants.

Kenyans on Twitter went on to roast the men in the video for their poor bedroom skills and were alarmed over the non-usage of protection during the sexual  acts.

The videos have since been pulled down from various public accounts.

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