Tycoons Desert Troubled Multi-Billion Nairobi Estate

A street, Stream Drive, in Thome, Nairobi
A street, Stream Drive, in Thome, Nairobi

A street, Stream Drive, in Thome, Nairobi Tycoons, business magnates deserted a posh Nairobi estate worth billions after the residents became targets for armed robbery, escalating the crime level in the neighbourhood.

A report by the Standard on Saturday, April 11, detailed that Thome estate, Nairobi, was abandoned, despite millions of shillings invested in the houses and surrounding.

The estate, famous for coffee in the 1970s, was an inhabitant for wealthy politicians, company directors and civil servants who enjoyed a peaceful and lavish lifestyle.

A lavish home in Thome estate, Nairobi

A lavish home in Thome estate, Nairobi FILE

However, the area was infiltrated by dangerous criminals who committed heinous crimes ranging from rape, carjacking, burglaries and murder.

The tribulations commenced a few years ago when a 26-year-old guard, Dennis Kibaara, was slain during an armed robbery.

“The insecurity has also affected our business because we are forced to close early as we fear being mugged. These people don’t even fear guard dogs. I, however, commend the police for the good work they are doing, as we have seen some changes and this has restored hope to the residents,” a businessman in Thome disclosed.

Another artisan in the area disclosed that the robbers were not afraid of the security systems set up by residents as they circumvented around them to forcefully find their way into the houses.

“People invested a lot of money to build beautiful houses thinking the area was safe. The robbers have ruined their dreams. The gangsters do not fear the electric fences and other security systems. Most of the homes are now abandoned and empty,” he added.

The rampant crime forced most residents who remained to change their lifestyle and stopped jogging at night or enjoying peaceful evening drives.

“Most of my neighbours moved out because we no longer have the peace we enjoyed during the few first years. Sometimes we dread nightfall because we don’t know what will happen before dawn,” James Kariuki, a resident stated.

The police, however, assured the residents that security will be tightened as a crackdown on robbers commenced.

“We have built an Administration Police post in the estate to beef up security. We hold meetings to create awareness on security and the robbery cases have dipped.

“Some lawbreakers were arrested and remanded and there is also a WhatsApp group which is being used to monitor security in the estate,” Senior Chief Humphrey Mbayi stated.

A compound with electric fences in Thome, Nairobi

A compound with electric fences in Thome,

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