VIDEO : Jalang’o’s Boys Club S3x Tape Leaks

Boys Club

One of Jalang’o’s Boys Club members is featured in leaked sex tape doing rounds the internet .

If you missed it , one of top trending topics this week has been  Milele FM radio presenter Felix Odiwuor’s alias “ Jalang’o ” after YouTuber Edgar Obare leaked damning screenshots from a “Boys Club” WhatsApp group where Jalang’o and his friends engage in nasty conversations about women, some of whom they unashamedly confess to sharing.

Apparently ,this whole Jalang’o’s Boys Club scandal is getting juicier by the hour.While it has yet to be confirmed,it appears that one of the members  from the group has been featured in a sex tape that began circulating late Wednesday night ( May 21).

In the  three-minute clip ,the man believed to be one of Jalango’s friend is seen filming himself with an unknown slay queen whose face is out of view engaging in sexual intercourse.It didn’t take long for the ruthless netizens  to start offering their reactions ,most of which disappointed in the man.However, most folks were impressed by the ladies dick-riding skills .

We couldn’t  confirm if its the man in the video or not .Uhondo News has reached out to Jalango’s team for comment .We will keep you posted on all latest moving forward.Stay tuned .

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