5 hottest female rappers in South Africa

The South African music industry has hot looking female artists, and some rappers ain’t left out.

Aside being a good rapper, some of these female rappers have successfully gained attention with their hot and banging bodies.

Some have both the skill and body, while a few others just focus on the music without putting their bodies on the spotlight.

Below are 5 hottest female rappers in South Africa:


It’s no wrong if Nadia gets crowned the rapper with the hottest look. She doesn’t shy away from it, and she’s fond of always flaunting her bare body on social media.


Faith broke into the industry last year and her rap skill has attracted lots of conflicting reviews. Though she’s yet to drop any music for while, but she hasn’t declared resigning. So, Faith is still a rapper with a spicy body which she flaunts.


Boity broke into the music industry last year and she’s highly loved by fans. Over the weekend, she broke the internet with a post of herself in the pool rocking a spicy bikini.


From being a video vixen to becoming an aspiring rapper and she’s released her debut song title Madonna on 12 December 2019, with the name CoCo.


The rapper isn’t the ususal thirst-trapper, but she nails it whenever she does on social media.

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