(LYRICS) Quickfass Cass – Rain Ft. Stogie T

[LYRICS] Quickfass Cass – Rain ft. Stogie T

Go along with us on this new lyrics from Quickfass Cass tagged Rain Featuring Stogie T

Verse 1 [Cass]:

Let it rain like Mayweather in September
Money Team affiliates, more than just a member
Crash coursed into the game
This ain’t no fender bender
I remember, my soul fire made them love me tender
Number one spot, yeah I’m the number one contender
No retreat no surrender, I’m the last style bender
Rough around the edges, I don’t play it by the book
Never played by the book
Niggas scared, why they shook
‘Cause they know that I’mma kill it
But don’t know what it took
Got the eye of the tiger in my iris when they look
Breaking bad in the trailer, Heisenberg when I cook
Not a gangsta, not a crook
But there’s murder on the hook

Let it rain (let it rain, let it rain)
Rain all on my haters, wash their pain away
(wash their pain away, wash their pain away)
Gotta let it rain (let it rain, let it rain)
Rain all on my haters, wash their pain away
Although it never truly goes away

Verse 2 [Stogie T]
This hell hole that we call home is no joke
It takes more than prayers and cow bones to run from
I pen on paper and touch souls, the stock rose
Like day traders on Dow Jones, it’s 1 – 0
If you raised tainted with brown tones, my stand point
Is to make it a all course or go on forward
It’s been tager wheels over them pot holes
So bygones wait in the water and rise from it
Cornballs making the most noise when the toes join them
Poor boys softer than popcorn, that’s how it goes more or less
Oh so molest the vocals
Call less with old folks, more lessons to grow from
The lawless and broken in conquest and old ?
Progress in rovers but the progress is more so
Niggas blow their own horn, no Nat Cole man
You can’t tell the pretty Tonys from the solstice


Verse 3 [Cass]:

Lord forgive me, I’m a slave to these diamond chains
Busting down that bezel
Dancing whenever it rains
Go for dinner, guess some Tasha’s is good for my gains
Swagger in my DNA, Balmain in my veins
Met the girl of my dreams but had to let her go
She was content with this life and I had to get some dough
For sure, that shit was cold and it hurt to my soul
But I feel better thinking ’bout it in this Persian coat
I’d rather die rich than to be living broke
Even if it means illicit activity, dope
By any means necessary, gotta stay afloat
Especially when my grille is flooded, I shine I spoke
My rhymes you can quote
Tryna catch up to my level is a slippery slope
But I try to hand them the rope
Some people got greedy and they’re hanging their hopes
I was blessed by the gods I hope you can cope


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