Ntsiki’s parent, Thami Mazwai condemns her letter to President Ramaphosa

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai was blunt with President Cyril Ramaphosa in an open letter shared on Twitter, but her parent, Thami Mazwai distanced himself from the letter.

According to TshishaLIVE, Thami, who is a former journalist and anti-apartheid activist said Ntsiki’s letter is “disappointing and uncalled for”.

“I believe that all of you are aware of the high esteem in which I personally hold our government,” he said. 

“The efforts by President Ramaphosa and his colleagues show their commitment to our people. I thus, on behalf of my wife and I distance us from the comments by Ntsiki.” He labeled his daughter’s comments as “not only unfortunate, but uncalled for in a situation in which all of us must hold hands.

“I doff my hat to the President for his resolute action to save us from this pandemic, and my thanks to the Cabinet and civil service who are working day and night to stop this virus,” Thami said.

However, Ntsiki’s letter attracted mixed reviews, as she dragged the President for the 21 days lockdown and also believes he prioritizes money than the people.

“You have a tendency of putting money ahead of your own people. You have a tendency to appease the white master at the expense of your people. You will never be able to rationalize why you’re a billionaire in such a poverty stricken country and we can’t point to anything you have created,” Ntsiki wrote. 

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