Reactions to Ntsiki Mazwai’s open letter to President Ramaphosa

Following the 21 days lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa, Ntsiki Mazwai shared 3 audio on Twitter, reacting to the instruction given.

The controversial poet dragged the President, believing he prioritizes money instead of the people.

Ntsiki said: “I feel like because you were never held accountable to Marikana so you didn’t learn the lesson and now you’re about to repeat the mistake on a larger scale. The fact that you broke up the company and sold it off essentially means that you ran away.”

“You have a tendency of putting money ahead of your own people. You have a tendency to appease the white master at the expense of your people. You will never be able to rationalize why you’re a billionaire in such a poverty stricken country and we can’t point to anything you have created.”

“Your white solutions are not going to work on African people. We do not have equal footing. Lucky you, 21 days will do NOTHING to your livelihood, for the vast majority of us Africans, this 21days is the difference between making ends meet and bankruptcy.”

“You have a car for you to adhere to one person per car, Mr Ramaphosa the majority of your people are stacked up in dehumanizing cramped up taxis and buses. Mr President you have never had to be squashed up in masihlalisane 4 4 so you are in no position to talk so Big. To a lot of us you are nothing but a life version of Seargant Sabela on Sarafina.”

“Now let’s address the fattest and pinkest elephant in the room. Mr President the people who are gaining the most financially from this Lock down is white big business. Again we find you here in the middle of a situation where whites are benefiting while your people suffer? We are seeing the shopping stores owned by your white associates”. 

However, Ramaphosa is yet to react to her words but Twitter users have spilled out their feelings regarding Ntsiki’s reaction.

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