AKA frustrated as Gemini Major’s new single “Iron Duke” leaks

Controversies are online as AKA got frustrated as Gemini Major’s new single “Iron Duke” got leaked.

The song was to remain veiled in AKA’s soon to drop EP titled Bhovamania by November. Matters arose as the song got leaked by a guy from Gemini Major’s team.

AKA also confirmed he gave the track to the guy to play in his sets and not to be leaked.

“What am I supposed to do?!?! The shit is out now!!!!! Like WHAT MUST I DO NOW???? Worse part is that I gave the guy the record to PLAY IN HIS SETS!!!!!!!! Not to fucking leak!!!!!!” – AKA

Iron Duke is currently trending on Twitter as AKA is so disappointed in his team for leaking an unfinished song. He expresses this disappointment to Gemini Major as he believed they have worked more together for this to happen.


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