AKA slams upcoming artist who claimed the rapper snubbed him

AKA reacts to an upcoming artist who feels entitled to work with him.

The rapper shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message the artist sent to him; the artist lamented on how the rapper snubbed him despite making effort for a collaboration to happen.

The upcoming producer said he’s done begging the rapper to listen to his beat, as he was snubbed at the 34-year-old’s birthday.


In response, the rap star urged fans to give him an idea on how to respond to the text.

Later, AKA slams the entitlement from upcoming artists, and spoke about the process he encountered to secure collaborations with other stars in the music industry.

“Yall think this game is for everybody. Newsflash. 90% of everybody’s music is 🗑… I had to exchange many numbers before we could even get the CHANCE to be in the same studio as KHULI or KO or Linda … you think you gone just text me and I’m just gonna put you on my back? You dreaming. Big time,” the star said.

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