AKA spills out anger on alcohol ban once again

South African Government as once again caused AKA to spill out anger on the continuous ban on alcohol.

“The ban on the sale of alcohol and cigarette will remain in place throughout the lockdown period.The purpose is to save lives and protect the health and well-being of our people,” SA Governement revealed on Twitter.

Ranting on social media, AKA who has a alcohol business, Cruz Vodka, claims he isn’t concerned about his bag, but on the millions of jobs to be lost.

“An estimated 1 million jobs will be lost in the alcohol industry alone. ONE MILLION JOBS. Everything from Wine farmers, to Administraton, drivers & logistics, down to the owners of local taverns. Even manufacturing of Glass. Devastating knock on effects.”

“No doubt lives are important. What about livelihoods? The Alcohol industry employs so many people and is so large that it makes up 4.4% of the GDP(look it up, it’s a FACT). You cannot simply switch that off without a PLAN and without WARNING.”

“Alcohol is simply the scapegoat here for bad planning in terms of infrastructure to handle the pandemic.”

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