Cassper Nyovest wilds against haters on “whack” lyrics

Cassper Nyovest frowns at claims that he drops whack songs.

He was more specific after sharing lyrics of one of his song’s hook, and claimed that he is being trolled for it.

The rapper said the lyrics was shared on social media by a critics in other to diss him.

“So many idoits post my lyrics tryna diss me. You thinking you hurting me & all you are doing is marketing my song!!!! This hook is the catchy part of the song!!! Remember this tweet when they open big festivals, i will be smashing all the stadiums screaming Hayi Ngi Sexy mann!!!” he tweeted.

However, most reactions to the tweet didn’t please Mufasa, as tweets affirm that the lyrics is indeed thrash.

Cassper tried responding to some of the trolls. However, he calmed himself by claiming he was marketing himself and haters unconsciously played into it.

“250 comments under this tweet, about 40 of them are haters, they still dont get it!!! You are talking about my song, you are talking about me, that’s all marketing!!! You are playing into my game!!!! Hahaha Hayi mann ngi sexy mann!!!” Cass replied.

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