Fans reject Lady Zamar after rape issue with SJava

Lady Zamar recently opened up to social media claiming Sjava raped her. Sjava addressed the rape allegation from her ex-lover Zamar as he opened up that the truly dated but he never raped her.

The rape accusation was huge as both party had to make videos explaining their part of the story.

Sjava and Lady Zamar appeared to have moved on with their lives but i guess their fans have not.

Lady Zamar took to her social media to upload a beautiful picture of herself and captioned it “What’s popping”. Surprisingly fans took it personal as they reject her for dragging Sjava for rape and asking what’s popping now.

Fans have requested she begs Sjava publicly or they keep rejecting while some sided her for taking the courage to announce Sjava’s bad behaviour, if the allegation was true.

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