Focalistic – “I never wanted to be famous”

Focalistic decided to have some moments of truth with his fans on Twitter.

The rapper speaks on why he’s refusing to get interviewed by media houses.

In his explanation, the rapper said he doesn’t want to be misunderstood, as some persons twist his words after being interviewed and it’s affecting him.

Ke Star hitmaker said all his wants to do is music and never wanted to be famous.

However, all that needs to be heard from him will be spilled on his forthcoming project titled, SGHUBU SES EXCELLENT 2.

“I have stopped doing interviews because everything gets taken out of context and people enjoy making jokes more than making sense these days … If you want to hear what I think … wait for SGHUBU SES EXCELLENT 2.”

“I came here for the music & nothing else…I never wanted to be famous. This thing of people asking me questions and changing my response is new to me … I never knew how to react, so the best way is to never speak! ENJOY THE MUSIC My team probably gonna delete these tweets,” he said.

“..& another thing, Ive wanted to delete Twitter for the past 2 years. The only things tha t trend on here are negative news, it’s weird for me. I’m just a broer who enjoys making music dawg. Akena scandal, Ke vrostana music le majita aka You guys want TEA everyday, aoowa,” Focalistic added.

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