Here is Nasty C’s side hustle


Nasty C might be well known foe being the coolest kid in Africa with amazing awards won, but he’s got another means of income.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper revealed his side hustle and some were stunned.

Nasty C made it known that he invests in Bitcoin.

#BitcoinHalving2020 🕺🏽

— ZULU MAN WITH SOME POWER (@Nasty_CSA) May 11, 2020

My bit racks getting taller by the day

— ZULU MAN WITH SOME POWER (@Nasty_CSA) May 11, 2020

It was a good win for Nasty C. Meanwhile, yesterday, Bitcoin Had a Halving event which had traders and investors buzzing on twitter. What this means is that Bitcoin halving increases the cost of mining for each individual Bitcoin.

Fans reactions be like:

Issa wise investment 👌

— _Reggie_on6 (@Reggie_on6) May 11, 2020

Hence you’re owning TallRacksRec🐐🔥🇿🇦

— Indoda YomXhosa🤝 (@kingmarshalxii) May 11, 2020


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