J Molley responds to Big Hash’s diss


Apr 25, 2020

It’s getting hot between the two SA rappers, J Molley and Big Hash.

After Hash’s diss to J Molley in a freestyle on Friday, J Molley didn’t take a chill pill as he responded to the diss.

J Molley shared the art cover to his diss track to Big Hash.

Check out the lyrics below and click here to listen to the song.


Wake up to twitter once again Molley trending for a bitch
I’m not bitter just never thought hash was
the next on my list
In mommy’s whip spitting some kiddy’s shit got all the kiddies lit
Publicity got little biggie lit I’m riky with the shit

You must have amnesia you crying bout children
I’m fucking with woman that cash in on millions
Hold up Molley boy you do not have to kill him
Man I made the kid so I do not see a difference

You Spitting stats and they ain’t accurate making me look inadequate
Like I ain’t done immaculate
like your numbers be lapping it
You owe rappers boy I’m a C.E.O to rappers
I rep my shit with a passion I’m wearing it like it’s fashion

Wrap him up and body bag him give the body to the trash man
Only time you’ll see me throwing hash up in the trash can
You took a break from music for a bitch you didn’t fuck
I Heard anatii thinks you’re weird and that’s why nyani ain’t gon drop

You my son, I brought you up how you gon try bring me down
Must’ve forgot back at RawX boy you done slept on my couch
Living off features got you demons I know nothing about
The prince & king so I guess I just gotta to Hiere this shit out

Full ownership got full percent of all my money and shit  
I heard you get 20 percent when all the money get split
You came up broke and hungry spending weeks at everyone’s crib
All of the videos when you was some neverbroke shit
Ain’t no cap in my rap you know I spit the truest of shit
They used to call you the black Molley you came up on my shit  
Why you capping like all gangter shit  is really legit
Got shit on you I know could really have you dead in the pits

You a rat & all you do is follow cheese
Your lucky chilling with Reece got you up a couple degrees
I never needed no co-signing from nobody but me
Ain’t forget how you told me all your relations make belief
how you got em on your songs just for a card up your sleeve
I mean sheesh, sad you had to sell Inner peace for a piece
Ain’t you just drop, how the fuck they got Molley shit on repeat
Is it the size of your shoe or me cause I’m
smellin defeat

I’m making sense why the whip yall move in look like a hearse
I’m your pops I gotta show you that it come with a curse
Know the warranty on your words do not cover returns
Plus your debt to your uncle Riky better check what you earn

Man a lot yall daps they aint even worth the catch  
In person never that bold but you always typing in caps
Youngin all we ever smoking here is the of biggest hash
Bigger camp, bigger bag it don’t get better than facts

That coffin that you said you had might be big enough for two
I brought a casket to sway that fitted bout 50 of you
Whatever happened to Riky puttin a milly on you?
Howcome you tryna come at us when labels stealing from you
Howcome you never hot headed when we chillin with you?
You treating this like it was me who went out reaching for you
Been outta reach since your wave was still itty bitty and new
Dont let all of that young shit turn you into some old news

Wouldive bodied me up on Sway? even on Sway i wreckd you
Funny how everybody was cool with that shit except you
We got your theory kid, but in theory I deaded you loose
I bodied you bout twice before, so now you double dead blue

Your tanking soldier boy I just snapped you into two
All these public statements on twitter man how hiphop of you
Ironic how my numbers on that sway shit got 8 miles on you
Funny how you pulled the race card, that’s even shady for you
I told you I’m really bad, I just moonwalked on you, ya bitch !

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