John Wick: How ‘John Wick’ kill Boko Haram top member for South Africa

South Africa Police

South Africa Police

Wia dis foto come from, MICHELE SPATARI

Wetin we call dis foto, South Africa Police don dey find di John Wick of Mamelodi 

South Africa Police Service don announce di death of one 35 year old Philip Given Mnguni wey dem tok say na di leader of Boko Haram for Gauteng Province for South Africa.

For statement, dem reveal say di man and im babe bin dey drive wen pipo for one silver Grey Mercedes Benz shoot dem commot for road on Tuesday.

Dem reveal say Mnguni die for di incident while dem rush im girlfriend enta hospital with gunshot wounds.

Local news pipo Sunday Times report say e be head of di Boko Haram gang for di Mamelodi area of di Province wey don dey disturb businesses.

Di tori tok say Boko Haram bin start for 2018 for Mamelodi and dem dey collect plenti money mostly from foreign businesses dem for protection.

Police say dem don even organize task force on top dis pipo sake of say dem don organize dia own task force for di gang.

Di Police also ask for informate if any pesin sabi wetin happun for di shooting as well as di motor wey carri di shooters come.

South Africans for social media don describe di gunmen for di area say e be John Wick wey dey do revenge against di Boko Haram gang members.

Di movie character, John Wick wey American actor Keanu Reeves act na killer wey take revenge on di bunch of killers wey kill im dog.

Twitter reaction to Mamelodi

Di South Africans dey hala for social media say make police no try arrest di Mamelodi John Wick as im don do wetin dem no fit do.

Twitter reaction to Mamelodi

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter

While oda pipo dey guess say dis John Wick pesin na part of di police wey dey on vengeance waka against Boko Haram members.

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