Jub Jub’s Ndikhokhele remix is no.1 in the world

Jub Jub is over the moon with his feelings after he confirmed his latest single to be the number 1 song in the world.

The rapper recently dropped the remix of the hit single and it shook South Africans, as it trended on social media after release.

The hit single features Mlindo The Vocalist, Benjamin Dube, Rebecca Malope, Nathi Mankayi and a few others.

Jub shared a video where he questioned Siri on the best song in the world, and the app replied by playing the remix of the hit song.

The TV personality appreciated fans their support, and all other artists that featured on the song.

“Yoooooooh yooooh yooooh 😳😳😳 how did this happen, how did we get here …I’m so humbled words cannot express my gratitude THANK YOU FOR ALL.YOUR SUPPORT,” he said.



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