Lasizwe opens up about the pandemic – “Its messing with my mental health”


TV personality and comedian, Lasizwe confessed the effect of the outbreak of coronavirus and lockdown on his mental health.

In a heartbroken state, Lasizwe opened up on Twitter.

“I can’t take it anymore! I am officially losing my mind. This lockdown is really causing my anxiety to peak. I feel so disconnected from the world and feel so isolated! I’m really pray for this pandemic to end as its messing with my mental health. I genuinely feel like crying, but there are no tears left to cry,” he tweeted.

While some fans empathized with him, including celebrities, some others feel he’s not in the best state to loose his mind as some people are experiencing more sufferings than he is.

But there are no tears left to cry

— Lasizwe Dambuza (@lasizwe) April 22, 2020


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