Mzansi very angry after top ANC official turns out to be illegal Zimbabwean with fake ID

Corruption is at the heart of most societies and the sad thing is that it usually starts from the top; the people who are meant to guide us and lead us are the corrupt ones who disregard laws and regulations.

South Africa isn’t left out in this big mess and once again they have another reason to scream “Save us from ANC”

South Africans were really shocked when the news of a top Government official with a fake ID document hit the internet. This Official had been living illegally in the country, what more, he even made it to the top an acquired a top position in ANC.


This Official is no other person than Kebone Masange, he fraudulently obtained three identity documents.

Kebone is allegedly from Zimbabwe and has acted as the head of the Mpumalanga Human settlement department for three years. Quite serious.

The question that begs for an answer is this, during the recruitment stage, didn’t they do a background check on him? Didn’t they find out he has no real IDs?

Few days ago, he appeared before the Mpumalanga magistrate court after his arrest although he was released as the court case got postponed till September 11.

Justice must be served but would the Government let this happen?!

South Africans were really angry with the news. See how they reacted.

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