Ntsiki Mazwai questions Bonang’s wealth status

Ntsiki Mazwai has decided to channel her energy towards Bonang Matheba.

This is coming after Bonang launched her new House of BNG wine in cans.

According to Ntsiki, she revealed the media personality is not as wealthy and influential as she is said to be.

Bonang’s new drink is expected to be summer’s newest refreshing drink, and is sure to be as successful as her previous products from her MCC range.

In a social media post, the businesswoman stated, “Introducing, my new baby- BNG Nectar!! One of SA’s first true sparkling wines in a can… Get ready to turn ANY location, into an occasion!!”.

Reacting to this, Ntsiki said: “Jc le roux recently launched champagne in a can…”

Her tweet is not speaking what most people think it is as she questions Bonang’s success and the true origins of House Of BNG.

According to Ntisiki, she said Bonang is just the face of her brand and only collects portions of the profits, as she does not truly own it.

Check her thread below:

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