Prince Kaybee agrees to being nothing without TNS

Prince Kaybee got an “honest” opinion from a fan who claims he is nothing with Tns.

Unlike his usual self of attacking, he chose to let peace reign by accepting that he is really a parasite to Tns.

To be honest u’re a parasitise why can’t u make a song without a feature that house & Mercedes of urs…. ngamandla ka TNS uyathanda awuthandi I’m jst teĺlingi the truth “is don’t want u to reply jst read this, Twitter user said.

Kaybee’s beef with Tns ended last year, but it was a dirty fight, and lots of people were disappointed by Prince’s display.

However, he says he regrets it and they are both back together.

I was hurting at the time and everything I said came from a dark, dirty place of disappointment because of all the things that happened between TNS and I. This happened while TNS and I were fighting. I am sorry to all the people I have disappointed.

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