Rouge said “We don’t deserve Anatii”

“We don’t deserve Anatii” – Rouge
“We don’t deserve Anatii” – Rouge

“We don’t deserve Anatii” – Rouge. SA rapper, Rouge tweeted recently to the South Africa music industry of them not deserving Anatii.

What has never been up for debate is how talented and hardworking SA rapper Anatii is. One more person to agree to the statement is Rouge, who expressed how we don’t deserve him.

The One By One rapper made know to every Hip Hop fan know that Anatti who now goes by Electronic Bushman is the best that will ever exist in SA music history.

This can also be supported by his win of an award for his contribution to the hit single, Brown Skin Girl.

The single wasn’t the only project that gave him the GOAT title, it includes his album IYEZA followed by music videos he produced and directed himself.

The inspiration most people appreciate from Anatii is how he keeps to himself and just release his music.

Anatii has never been involved in any beef no matter the provocation, probably due to his limited use of social media.

If we are being honest. We don’t deserve Anatti

— ONE BY ONE MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW ❤️ (@Rouge_Rapper) July 25, 2020

He recently shared with his fans is that he is currently working on a new big project with more international artists.

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