See what Prince Kaybee’ fans did to DJ Maphorisa’s head

Getting juicer, those good with Photoshop includes DJ Maphorisa’s head into a Lion Lager bottle and shares it to Prince Kaybee again.

This can only spite up the beef as Prince Kaybee leverages on this again in shading Lawd Phori.

In replying to the image, Prince Kaybee asked how much Maphorisa collected in becoming the Ambassador for Lion Lager and what song they used for the advert.

“LOL  Ya’ll will not see heaven… how much did they give Phori for ambassadorship, which song did they use for the advert?” – Prince Kaybee.

Prince Kaybee appears to have this round to himself this time after Maphorisa questioned him of not always crediting his artists.

As the current opponent for Prince Kaybee, Prince Kaybee makes this round a longer one than the Twars fight he’d been involved in.

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