Sha Sha announces debut album on 27th birthday

Sha Sha expressed gratitude to the love received from people upon turning 27-year-old 2 days ago.

The award-winning singer shared a clip of herself with friends playing around on her special day.

Thanking fans and friends for the wishes and gifts given her, she said:

“I’ve been showered with so many happy birthday wishes and gifts, I’m so grateful! But most of all for me is the LOVE you all chose to share a little of that with me, from my fans, my family, and friends. It’s so heartwarming. These girls right here made my birthday super special, my girls, sisters, BFFs, ride or die you name it! You guys are amazing! In a nutshell, LOVE will always be the most important thing to me, it heals, it saves, it comforts it’s so much more especially in times like these we need it more than ever!”

Sha Sha also used the medium to announce that her album is on the way.

“By the way, get ready for an amazing album,” she added.

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