Sindi Dlathu gets emotional over 2020 DStvMVCA win

SA actress is in awe with the win awarded her at the 2020 DStv Mzansi Viewrs Choice Awards, which held on Saturday night, 14th of March.

Taking to social media, the star expressed gratitude to fans and supporters for making it possible for her to walk home with the SA Favourite Actress award.

In a lengthy note, she said;

“Last night I was overwhelmed and dumbfounded by the realization of the love shown to me since my career started. In my head I was giving glory to God, asking God to bless each and every one of you for the love you have shown me. I hope that you are all successful in your endeavors and that your dreams are realised. Thank you to everyone who voted and spent their resources, time and energy to win me the award.”

“I cannot thank you enough. @tshedzapictures you are the best. @makwarelaphathu thank you from the bottom of my heart khaladzi. Cast, crew, production team and directors thank you, let’s continue making magic. Fellow nominees, a win for one is a win for all of us and to my onscreen family, thank you, I love you,”

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