Singer Gee Six Five is dead

Obani Lababantu hitmaker, Olpha Selepe, famously known as Gee Six Five was confirmed to have passed-on by her family.

The singer recently had a break into the music industry some weeks ago.

“My beloved aunt, MumNcane who many of you know as Gee Six Five, is no more. She displayed leadership throughout her life, was the epitome of fearlessness and inspired many with her single Obani Labantu. Mthiya, Shandu kaNdaba, Sontshikazi. RIP Gee Six Five,” her niece, Sbu Mpungose tweeted on Wednesday morning.

An official statement as regards the cause of her death was also shared on social media.

According to the statement, Gee Six Five died few days after testing positive of COVID-19.

Lots of social media users have expressed their shock at her passing.


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