Tns ghosts Prince Kaybee as he hails Black Coffee as his inspiration

Tns just confirmed that Black Coffee is the inspiration behind his music hustle.

Some fans must have thought it’s Prince Kaybee, since he helped in the early years of his career.

While they had a fall-out years ago, Kaybee revealed how he catered for the young father of one.

“He lived in my home for the entire year in 2018 after he told me that he has no proper shelter, clothes or money to pursue his music. I took care of his life expense during this period and I can provide proof of the money spent on him,” Prince said.

However, it’s been confirmed by both artists that they are now good together.

Taking to social media, Tns publicly confessed he like Black Coffee’s style of handling music, especially the business part.

“Black Coffee is an inspiration behind my music hustle, God bless you Grootman.”

Be reminded that the international DJ and Prince Kaybee are not on a good lane, as they were involved in a Twitter war few months ago.


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