Video: Sjava unveils shocking truth about himself and Lady Zamar

Sjava has finally spoken about the rape allegations made by his former girlfriend, Lady Zamar, and all other drama attached to his name.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared a video of himself addressing all the issues.

Sjava agreed to dating Zamar, but revealed that he was in another relationship while dating the singer, and she was fully aware of it.

However, a point came when she needed him to choose between the other party and herself, which Sjava failed to do.

The BET award-winning star says he didn’t rape, but he sure didn’t love her as she wanted, due to his focus on music and the other relationship he had.

Sjava went on to refuting claims that he is married an has a son. He says it’s all rubbish.

The two singers started dating in 2017 and brought their relationship to spotlight after they split, which is in 2019.

The rape allegation has been on for over a year, and he claims it’s being handled legally.

Though, all of these allegations have made him loose amazing gigs and opportunities.

Recently, Sjava was said to be kicked out of the popular soapie, Uzalo, few days after announcing bagging a role in the TV drama.

full video of where he addressed all the issue below:

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