DaBaby – Beatbox (Remix)

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DaBaby, Welcome to our lovely website, we are glad to have you back.
Listen to this brand new project titled Beatbox (Remix) from this fantastic artist DaBaby that releases wonderful songs such as Beatbox (Remix) to keep the fans moving for-ward and the body moving.
Little Lyrics Below!
Best motherfuckin’ rapper, nigga, this Baby, nigga
Let’s go

Ready to get it started, nigga (Go)
Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shawty
Pull up to the Grammy Awards with my .40
She told me she like how I’m dressin’ and I ain’t eatin’ no salad (Uh-huh)
Stevie Wonder can see that I’m havin’
I told her, “Be patient,” she waited
I gave her the dick, she walked out doin’ the “Beat Box Challenge”
Like yeah, get in there, baby (Gеt in there)
You know me, hit you anywhеre, baby (Let’s go)
Know she gon’ do whatever I say, I can piss in a cup, call it lemonade, baby
Let that bitch off, I’m a renegade, baby
I’ma get outta there, I ain’t feelin’ that (Huh?)
Nigga run up on me with a cellphone out, he gon’ fuck around, die on the internet (Doo-doo-doo-doo)
Fuck it, kill him on IG Live, let the whole world see the nigga die (Die)
Yeah, shout-out to SpotEm’, we got ’em (Get down)
Even though he a rapper, he shot him
I get this big pretty-ass smile from my mama (Cheese)
Get this motherfuckin’ voice from my daddy
I learned how to pimp on them hoes from my uncle (Pimp, pimp)
Let her suck on my toes ’cause I’m nasty (Okay)
Like fuck it, she asked me to do it

Song: Beatbox (Remix)

Artist:  DaBaby


Year Released: 2021

This banger Beatbox (Remix) is here for free downloading and streaming.

Download Beatbox (Remix) And Enjoy Below.


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