Daring Gang Raids Manu Chandaria’s Home; Political Intrigue in Sonko’s Impeachment Trial & Police Reveal CCTV Analysis of Kidnapped Thika Trader


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The hatred and uncouth political rhetoric among our leaders is starting to rear its ugly head once again if the current development during the Msambweni by-elections campaigns is anything to go by.

In a bid to whip up support for ODM’s candidate Omar Boga, the party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna decided to show us how uncultured our leaders are sometimes by using unprintable words against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa.

Even though Jumwa’s remarks were not any better, the response by Sifuna in front of a crowd full of minors was an example of bad leadership at its worst.

Rightly so, many Kenyans did not take his remarks lightly as they were seen as to be praising the act of rape and objectifying women as objects of sex.

The worst thing is that this is just a by-election yet emotions are running this high despite the country being on the verge of passing a document that is meant to bridge the gap in this deeply divided country.

Whether Sifuna apologizes or not, such remarks should never be tolerated by any Kenyan, especially as we head towards the 2022 elections.

Meanwhile, if you met Sifuna today, what would you tell him?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Daring Gang Raids Manu Chandaria’s Muthaiga Home

Dr. Manu Chandaria - Creating Emerging Markets - Harvard Business School

A gang of 8 raided the city residence of industrialist Dr. Manu Chandaria, despite armed police deployment. Police said the family was not harmed, but is thought to have lost cash and valuables.

Police said they are investigating to establish how the gang gained access to the Muthaiga residence that had an armed Administration Police officer and three security guards.

Political Intrigue in Sonko’s Impeachment Trial

Christmas from hell for Sonko orphans beckons - People Daily

A power struggle has ensued in the Senate over the push to impeach Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko ahead of this week’s plenary trial.

The cold war, which began immediately it became apparent that the governor would not survive impeachment at the assembly, has now hit fever pitch. On Wednesday last week, the tussle played out in public with the deeply divided senators reading from different scripts on how to handle the case.

Police Reveal CCTV Analysis of Kidnapped Thika Trader

Missing Thika millionaire businessman found - alive - TV47

Police have stated that analysis of a CCTV footage obtained from the crime scene did not reveal the alleged abduction of Thika businessman Julius Gitau.

Security officials have now summoned Gitau, alias Gitau wa Mali, to record an official statement to help in the investigation of his kidnapping incident that happened on Monday, September 21.

Speculations are rife that Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho may be suffering from an unknown disease after recent photos showed he had greatly lost body weight over a short period of time. Do you think there is anything Kenyans should be concerned about the ODM deputy party leader?

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