VIDEO: Brutal Police Ambush Helpless Kenyans As Deadly Curfew Begins

INHUMAN: Viral photo of how rogue Kenyan policemen manhandled innocent citizens in the coastal city of Mombasa hours prior to the curfew

On Friday 7 P.M, the nationwide Coronavirus curfew earlier pronounced by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Wednesday officially began.

Just as many analysts had predicted, it was ushered in by heavy police brutality as  men in uniform wrecked havoc on Nairobi, Coast, Nakuru and Eldoret residents as cops descended on helpless citizens up to two hours before the deadline.

Videos capturing the chaotic scenes showed police officers clad in anti-riot gear lobbing teargas canisters near the Likoni ferry channel at around 5. pm, as others clobbered innocent residents with batons as they ordered them to lie down on the ground.

What the hell is happening? Likoni Ferry, gunshots, people running and squeezing, looks disastrous. #CurfewinKenya #CurfewKenya

— Kenya West© (@KinyanBoy) March 27, 2020

In the streets of Mombasa, the officers assaulted people as they flushed them out of the streets an hour before the national curfew.

Police brutalise Kenyans in Mombasa hours before the curfew#CurfewKenya

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) March 27, 2020

In the unfortunate turn of events, not even Githeri-Media journalists – who in the last few days have been fantasizing over the possibility of a total lock-down in the country – were spared. Nation Media Group television cameraman Pater Wainaina found himself among those clobbered by a rogue police officer as he struggled to perform his duties.

Police caught on camera assaulting @ntvkenya journalist #CurfewKenya

— Daily Nation (@dailynation) March 27, 2020

The situation was not any different in Nairobi central business district where clouds of smoke covered the streets as residents engaged police in hide and seek.

In Nakuru and Eldoret, the situation was no different. Police set out to clear the streets via all means possible.

The brutality was roundly condemned by social media users who shared more videos of what was happening around their neighborhoods.

Current situation in Eastleigh.#CurfewKenya

— The Real~Wariyah (@abdallasambul) March 27, 2020

Outside is bad .Stay at Home 😂 😂 😂 #CurfewKenya#coronaviruske

— Wanyama (@AS_Wanyama) March 27, 2020

Speaking on Citizen TV this evening, Police Spokesperson Charles Owino made it clear that Kenyans had better ensure they are at home between 7 p.m and 5 a.m every day or risk getting teargassed, beaten, or even taken to cells outside their county of residence.

“We don’t want to lie to people. If you walk at night, we will arrest you. We have enough cells. If the cell in Central is full, we will take you to Kayole. If it is full, we will even take you to Machakos. When you become riotous, I have procedures, I will read a proclamation for you, if you don’t listen, I’ll use teargas and there’s a level, I can even use my baton,” he said in response to the fracas reported countrywide.


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