A- Reece warns against download of fake album in his name


Apr 17, 2020

A-Reece has called out fans and the public in a recent press statement to desist from downloading a fake album uploaded in his name.

The album’s name which is A Sotho Man With Some Power, appears to be similar to Nasty C’s upcoming album, Zulu Man With Some Power.

On the 17th of April, Friday, A-Reece says he’s disappointed in the “cowardice and opportunistic” act allegedly carried out by the culprit named, “2018 Rubber Band Gang”.

“A-Reece wishes to categorically denounce the album, “A Sotho Man With Some Power” as a fake body of work which could only have been released as a result of cowardice and opportunism.”

“We will also take all possible steps to ensure that the perpetrators of this unspeakable abomination are brought to task.”

“In the interim, A -Reece requests all his fans and public to refrain from downloading or entertaining the album in question as it lacks legitimacy.”

Read Full Statement Below:


— A-REECE. (@reece_youngking) April 17, 2020

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